You have a part to play

A world on which we’re making ever greater demands,
needs people who are willing to contribute.
Providing their own expertise,
to achieve a common goal.

You have a part to play

Help our healthcare colleagues and researchers

Our colleagues in healthcare are working around the clock, along with researchers, technicians and pharmacists, to find ways to defeat the coronavirus. But your help is desperately needed for a number of urgent causes such as the purchase of face masks and ventilators, and to help fund scientific research. Support the Radboud Fund today!

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#Hacking the crisis

Can today's disruption encourage positive long-term change? Hacking the Crisis is looking for brainpower and ideas. Initiatives that result in a more sustainable and social world, now and in the future, while also helping to create jobs. (Only in Dutch)

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Quarantine Lectures

For the time being, lecturers are teaching from their living rooms. Their lectures are usually only for students, but now everyone can join. Are you ready to start learning from home? (Only in Dutch)

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Radboud Recharge

Why do we experience such strong resistance at the thought of being quarantined? Can we learn from previous epidemics? And how does the crisis impact our climate and environment? Log on to Radboud Recharge for the latest scientific insights!